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Support Services

Family Resources

We believe that a healthy family system is crucial to long-term success. Our full-time Parent Coach works with our students' families to hone skills such as communication and de-escalation techniques. We also address educational topics such as family dynamics and parenting styles. 

Wellness Policy

Parent Handbook

Academic Calendar

Data Privacy & Security Bill of Rights

Behavior Management Policy


Annual Water Report

Lake Placid Visitor's Guide

Substance Abuse Counseling


Mountain Lake Academy's Clinical Department includes a cadre of Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors,   licensed mental health counselorsand licensed social workers available to:

  • Educate about addiction and recovery

  • Design a treatment plan to reinforce abstinence and healthy decision-making

  • Review the impact of substance use in the home and the community setting

  • Provide insight to patterns of behavior that inhibit the development of safe relationships

  • Highlight cultural and family influences on substance abuse

  • Support relapse prevention

Medical & Clinical Services

Our medical department, overseen by a Registered Nurse, provides assessment and reassessment of our students' physical, nutritional, and oral health care needs through direct or referred health care services.

Psychiatric services are provided by a consulting psychiatrist, who will assess each student within a week of admission. This initial assessment is followed by ongoing treatment, including medication management and evaluation, throughout each student's stay. 


The student and family are actively engaged in any consideration of the use, change, or discontinuation of medication. The psychiatrist also participates in weekly consultations with the student's treatment team.

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