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Students enjoying the summit view at sunrise.

Therapeutic Services

As a holistic learning community, the emotional well-being of our students is at the core of everything we do. Our credentialed therapists facilitate individualized, therapeutic interventions to address the specific needs of our students and their families.

Individual Therapy

To us, the emotional needs of our students are paramount. Our therapists are here to help your child navigate his own inner journey and equip him with the tools he needs to continue that journey when he transitions home.


 Our therapists are trained in CBT, DBT, Solution Focused, Narrative, Grief, Family, Prolonged Trauma Exposure, and Family Therapy. We take a trauma-informed approach to client care. By partnering with youth, families, and community-based agency representatives, we can gauge a student's strengths and tailor our responses to bring out the best in each child. 

Trauma Informed Care

We realize the impact of past traumatic events in a student's life and recognize the signs. We employ evidence-based practices to respond to a students need and prevent re-traumatization. We don't view through the lens of "what's wrong?" but rather "what happened?" Through building capacity and resilience, our students move forward to their greatest potential. 


For additional information on Trauma Informed Care please visit these helpful links:

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Parent Coach Support

As a parent of a Mountain Lake Academy student, your journey is taking place alongside your son's, and is just as crucial to the healing process. Our Parent Coach is a resource to you throughout your son's stay. She  facilitates weekly group sessions via Zoom for parents of current students and offers guidance as you support each other. She also travels to meet with individual families in person.

Group Therapy

Therapists facilitate adventure-based group counseling for all students, utilizing task analysis activities and low and high ropes course elements. These groups are designed to improve problem solving and social skills and to encourage the development of a healthy, positive self-concept by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Family Therapy

We are deeply committed to the belief that the family is central to the effectiveness and overall success of each student's treatment process. The development of an encouraging, collaborative, and therapeutic relationship between our students and their families is essential to healing and maximizing positive treatment outcomes.

Psychiatric Services

Our consulting psychiatrist, who has been working with our students for over 20 years, will assess each student within a week of admission. This initial assessment is followed by ongoing treatment and evaluation throughout each student's stay. The psychiatrist also participates in weekly consultations with the student's treatment team.

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