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Many youth struggle with structuring their leisure time. Our program and routines assist them to develop this critical skill. Activities and events are well-planned and every day is fully structured. As students progress through the phase system, they assume greater responsibility for productively using their time.

In addition to adventure-based activities that are part of our Wilderness Program, students expend energy daily in our full-sized indoor gym. Students also participate in a variety of activities, including softball, basketball, Frisbee, and kickball, as well as card games and board games. Our goal is to promote participation in teams and interactive activities. 


A dress code is an essential part of keeping the focus is on learning, not on appearances or possessions. Our dress code practice helps create an environment where there is no competition to wear the "right things." We provide the necessary clothing for each student, including everything from school uniforms to leisure wear to adventure gear. 


In addition, Mountain Lake Academy provides our students with top-of-the-line gear and Columbia sportswear that is designed to keep them safe, dry, and warm for the current season, including the snowy winters.

Community Service

We value the importance of giving back to others. Students who volunteer while in school will be more likely to become lifelong volunteers. Typical events students participate in include:

  • Animal care at the local shelter

  • Free Firewood Project

  • Preparing and serving food at youth-oriented events

  • Set up work for local community events

  • Fundraising projects for youth or families in need

  • Trail clearing

  • Working volunteer booths at local and international sporting events

  • Cleanup projects along nearby rivers 

  • Playground rebuilding and maintenance for local schools

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