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A classroom on Mountain Lake Academy's campus.
Redefining Education

The educational experience at Mountain Lake Academy is driven by the visionary desire to redefine how we address the ever-changing needs of our students. Our teachers value innovation. We offer a state-of-the-art learning facility. Each student is equipped with technological support that help him build the skills needed to be competitive upon completion of his time at Mountain Lake Academy. 

New York State Graduation Requirements

We offer core courses in English and Language Arts, Science, History, and Math, and an elective course, Foundations of Technology. We also offer vocational courses in Culinary Arts and Building Trades.


All of our course offerings satisfy New York State's rigorous graduation requirements. We offer all Regents exams and required state tests, as well as college preparatory courses for students preparing to take the SAT or ASVAB.


We offer students the ability to progress at their own pace while addressing a variety of social and emotional barriers to learning. Each student is truly a curriculum of one.

To help our students get the most out of their educational experiences, we are committed to providing smaller student-to-teacher ratios. These smaller class sizes give teachers and educational aides the ability to immediately address student needs as they arise. Our teachers and teaching assistants are able to holistically care for students' needs as well as implement Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs).

Course Work

In a world where the acceleration of change can exceed one's ability to adapt, we offer students the opportunity to engage with course content to equip them with a competitive edge. We teach students to think analytically about the world around them while teaching them to use cutting-edge technology to drive their own learning.

We encourage our students to own their education. By providing wrap-around support services we empower our students to have a voice in their own learning  process. 


Our technology-rich classrooms offer iMacs and personal iPads for use in the classroom. Teaching in the 21st century demands interactive and engaging tools that prepare students for a competitive edge in college or the workforce.


We also offer access to online courses for students with an educational interest or requirement that is not available in a classroom setting. Through structured access to technology, our hope is to develop lifelong learners outside of the formal classroom setting.

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