The MountainView Program

Student Profile

While each student is unique, students accepted into the MountainView Program are generally able to attend classes in a mainstream 12:1:1 and 8:1:1 educational setting. Often times, a student may struggle with authority figures, not want to attend school, not follow basic rules at home, or in their community, or may have had involvement with the police, or use alcohol or other substances.

Program Overview

Each student journeys through a Five Phase program. The phases are designed to allow the student to grow at his own pace in order to gain a better understanding of the choices they have made and give them tools to improve their life.

Orientation is a pre - Phase where students are assessed for their readiness and willingness to follow the basic rules and structure of the program. Students in the higher phases are asked to also work with the students in Orientation to assist in teaching them the rules and expectations of the program. Most activities are conducted on our 100- acre campus property.

Phase 1 students learn appropriate Social Skills that will allow them to work with their peers in a safe and supportive manner. Groups and individual sessions focus on increasing the student's awareness of their behavior patterns and the effect that their choices have had on themselves, their families, and their future. It is an important goal for Phase 1 students to begin taking responsibility for their behavior and choices.

Phase 2 students continue on their path to become responsible for their choices and the outcomes they have created. Groups and individual counseling focuses on teaching trust and integrity. We believe before moving forward the students must show honesty in their dealings with peers, adults, and themselves. Accepting the outcome of their choices in Phase 2 is extremely important for the student to move forward. This challenging phase invites students to fully understand the role of trust in their life both with being able to trust and able to be trusted. The integrity focus is a challenge to students to make the "right decision."

Phase 3 students are now exploring Leadership and Choice. Students are expected to continue practicing the ability to make "right decisions" independently. In phase three the students take on a leadership role through role modeling appropriate and acceptable behavior on and off campus. Students fully realize every choice has a consequence, both positive and negative, and their decisions come from this knowledge. Discharge planning increases with concrete services being discussed and initiated.

Phase 4 focuses on Leadership and Independence. Upon successful completion the student is now considered fully prepared for discharge and consistently exhibits the skills in all previous phases. Students in this phase have demonstrated trustworthy behaviors and understand the value of building trusting relationship. The student is able to independently make appropriate choices and hold themselves accountable with or without input from adults.

Phase 5 is an additional phase for students who are fully prepared for discharge, however chose to remain voluntarily enrolled. It may be an opportunity to prepare for college by enrolling in community college courses, gain additional vocational training, or perhaps a change in discharge resource that requires a longer length of stay. This Phase may also serve as an interim period before returning to district at the start of a new school year. Students only enter Phase 5 with their family's and the referring districts consent.