Medical & Clinical Services


Our medical department, overseen by a registered nurse, provides assessment and reassessment of physical, nutritional, and oral health care needs of all students through direct or referred health care services while enrolled at Mountain Lake.


Mountain Lake's psychiatric services are provided by a consulting psychiatrist. Initial assessment of each student is made within a week of admission, followed by ongoing treatment, including medication management and evaluation throughout their stay. The student and his family are actively engaged in any consideration of the use, change or discontinuation of medication. The psychiatrist also participates in weekly consultations with the treatment team.


Students entering Mountain Lake will be designated a therapist. The therapist will assist in the development of a treatment plan in collaboration with the student, parents, and treatment coordinator. Our credentialed therapists will provide specialized individual therapy to encourage positive, healthy, and effective coping strategies and improve overall behavior and academic functioning. Therapists will also facilitate adventure-based counseling groups for all students, utilizing task analysis activities and low and high ropes course elements. These groups are designed to improve problem solving and social skills and to encourage the development of a healthy positive self-concept by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.