How to Make a Referral

The initial step in evaluating whether or not Mountain Lake Academy is the most appropriate option for a prospective student is to gather information. Determining if Mountain Lake is "the right fit" for a specific child can quickly be determined by calling our Admissions Team, who will provide you with immediate feedback as to the appropriateness of a referral. This efficient screening process enables caseworkers to quickly focus their energies on finding the best and most appropriate services. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Call the Admissions Department and speak with either Emory Clark or Matthew Marshall, our Admissions Associates, about the student being referred. This provides referring agencies the opportunity to ask specific questions about services offered to determine if the program matches the needs presented in the student's challenges. This also allows Mountain Lake Academy to evaluate any potential rule out behaviors or conditions.
  • Fax or email a packet of materials that would include as much of the following as possible:
    • Educational History
      • IEP: Individualized Education Program
      • Educational Testing
      • Transcripts
    • Psychiatric Evaluations
    • Psychological Assessments
    • Social Assessments
    • Medical History
    • Legal Documentation
      • PINS or JD

At Mountain Lake, we strive to maintain excellent relations with referral sources, providing timely response and ongoing communications to keep referring agencies well informed.

The Mountain Lake Admission and Discharge Committee governs all admissions and discharges throughout the year. This committee meets as often as necessary to provide immediate attention to incoming referrals.