Campus Life


Our program is highly structured in all aspects, including campus life. Students are expected to participate in the maintenance of their own personal space as well as assist in common areas through weekly chore assignments. Our transitions from the academic portion of the day, to the residential program are structured and provide an opportunity to help students to prepare for what is next in their day. Simple routines like orderly transitions from building to building, or sharing meals and snacks as a community with staff, help create a planned and orderly environment that is beneficial to adolescents.


Many youth struggle with structuring their leisure time and our program and routines assist in that critical skill development. Events and activities are well planned, although as students progress in phase it is expected they will assume greater responsibility for making productive use of their time.

Activities outside of our Wilderness Program include use of our full sized indoor gym, card games, board games, softball, basketball, Frisbee, kickball and many other activities students enjoy. Our goal is to promote participation in team or interactive activities, therefore we have very limited access to video games, television and other passive activities.


Mountain Lake believes a dress code is an essential part of creating an environment where the focus is on learning, not appearances or possessions. Our dress code practice helps create an environment where all there is no competition to wear the "right things." Mountain Lake provides the necessary clothing for your son.

Vocational Experience

We believe a strong work ethic is key to setting youth up for success. Our vocational work groups focus on developing strong work habits as a primary to learning specific skills. Students learn the values of showing up on time and prepared to work, as well as following supervisory instruction. Our projects include building projects, yard work, snow removal and gardening. The work may be to enhance our own campus, or to benefit the community. For the past five years the students have worked to prepare free firewood for local families in need. Most recently they are assembling Adirondack chairs for a local charity to sell as a fundraiser.

Giving Back to the Community

We value the importance of giving back to others and know students who volunteer while in school will be more likely to become lifelong volunteers. We plan many events and activities to foster those early experiences to create adults interested in giving back to their communities. Typical events we participate in include:
  • Animal care at the local shelter
  • Free Firewood Project
  • Visiting weekly at the local nursing home
  • Preparing and serving food at youth oriented events
  • Set up work for local community events
  • Fund raising projects for youth or families in need
  • Trail clearing
  • Working volunteer booths at local and international sporting events