Wilderness & Adventure Based Program

Safety • Trust • Respect • Self- Confidence
Teamwork • Leadership

Our wilderness and adventure based programming capitalize on the innate sense of adventure our students have. A large part of the student's experience will occur in the wilderness that surrounds Mountain Lake Academy in the Adirondack Mountains. The students will participate in activities such as hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, snowshoeing, and climbing several times a week. These activities are facilitated by trained and experienced Wilderness Staff. Our Adventure Based Activities are designed to slowly integrate the student into more challenging activities as he child moves through the five phases of the program. Students learn such skills as self-reliance, self-care, team work, and communication skills. In addition, the amount of physical activity that each child undergoes will have a beneficial impact on the physical and emotional growth of each individual.

We offer four season experiential education outside the classroom which focus on building positive social change, challenging personal perceptions of limitations and building on successes from prior activities.

Adventure Based education and experiences at Mountain Lake Academy have the following characteristics built into each activity:

  • A decision to participate (Challenge by Choice)
  • Uncertain outcomes
  • Planned risk or disequilibrium
  • Inevitable consequences
  • Action


Through planning and structuring each activity carefully, staff create an environment for learning. The activity is then "deconstructed" through processing the students' experience. Patterns in thoughts and behaviors become evident during the processing and staff use these moments to challenge students explore alternative responses that will be more effective in the activity and consequently in "real life."

Through these experiences we progressively build on students' skills in the areas of

Never Limit your challenges...instead challenge your limits!