Mountain Lake Academy's academic program is specifically designed and crafted to help students realize their strengths and abilities as well as understand the importance of completing their education. Our program emphasizes preparation for a successful transition back to the home district using a supportive, structured, small-class setting that is aligned with the NYS Common Core Standards.

We offer all essential classes, state tests and Regent's Exams in order to meet the rigorous NYS graduation requirements. In order for students to receive life skills training and College and Career Readiness Skills, Mountain Lake Academy's academic program affords students a unique opportunity to gain a CDOS credential for graduation, as well as offering work readiness skills through our Culinary Arts program. Each student is set up for success when they enter the academic program at Mountain Lake Academy.

Classroom sizes of 6:1:1, 8:1:1 and 12:1:1 are available to provide maximum support in the least restrictive setting. Every classroom environment is tailored to stimulate maximum learning capacity and meet each student's academic and behavioral needs through the use of differentiated instruction and therapeutic methodologies in order to support student success throughout the day. Mountain Lake Academy also offers special education resources and services in the area of reading, writing, math and study skills. This ensures that each student receives the individualized academic attention that they need and deserve from our highly qualified education staff. Academic progress is carefully monitored using research-based progress monitoring tools on a bi-weekly basis. Our Education staff and Treatment Coordinators provide frequent correspondence with referral sources regarding student progress.


Our program:
  • Is aligned with the NYS Common Core Curriculum.
  • Meets College and Career Readiness and the rigorous NYS Regents diploma graduation requirements.
  • Also offers the CDOS curriculum for students not pursuing a regent's diploma.
  • Has Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans integrated into Mountain Lake Academy's educational day in order to help students remain successful and accountable for their own education.
  • Requires attendance, therefore student attendance and participation in school rises an average of 98% for students who formerly had significant truancy issues.
  • Technology rich classrooms with 1:1 iPad availability, mobile labs and smart boards to provide 21st century learning skills.
  • Students who are in enrolled for at least 7 months have a 95% passing rate on all NYS Regents exams.
  • Offers data-driven instruction using NYS Common Core Approved Progress Monitoring Tools such as the Star® Reading and Math Assessments. These assessments help to monitor the student's educational growth and help to identify specific areas of educational need.


Our technology rich classrooms offer smart boards, lap tops and personal iPad use in the classroom. Teaching in the 21st century demands interactive and engaging tools that prepare students for a competitive edge in college or the workforce. We also offer access to online courses for students with an educational interest or requirement that is not available in a classroom setting. Through structured access to technology, our hope is to develop lifelong learners outside of the formal classroom setting.